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Listing Stats September - November

Below are the updated graphs showing total new listings for commercial and industrial premises within Hamilton as advertised on

Despite all the uncertainty at the beginning of the year, total listings are down on this time last year; significantly so for November. Indicating that the Hamilton market is still relatively stable, thanks in part to its strong dominance of industrial premises.

With regards to sales listings, we saw a dip in listing compared to 2019 for September, however listing did pick up in October and November tracking slightly above and highly comparable to the 2019 figures.

We are finding that good, low risk property is in high demand and achieving low cap rates.

Once again, we are seeing a swing in preference back to auction and deadline methods of selling over priced and negotiation sales tactics. This is likely a result of resumed confidence in the market.

If you are wanting any further information on the commercial and industrial market please feel free to contact the team.

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