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  • What services do we offer?
    Curnow Commercial offer complete property advice ranging from market valuations to rental assessments and replacement insurances within the Commercial and Industrial markets . Phillip Curnow is our resident arbitration specialist. Contact us today to discuss your requirements
  • How much will it cost?
    Due to the unique nature of each property we do not have set fees. The main component of valuations are priced on time basis. -Time on-site inspecting the property -Time researching comparable properties on which to ascertain value -Time to put together the report In addition we charge a fee for Titles and other registered documents obtained, office expenses and travel. To obtain a quote please email us with the following details: -Type of property to be valued -Address of property -Valuation requirements and timeframe if any Once we have this information we will be able to provide you with a scope of work detailing the fee quote and timeframe for completion.
  • What do I need to provide?
    In order for us to complete your valuation in a timely matter please provide the following information: Commercial & Industrial -Tenant contact details if not vacant/owner occupied -Seismic reports -Lease agreements: Deeds of Lease, Assignments, Variations and so forth -Current rental being achieved Rural & Residential - Email and/or mobile telephone contact for a person to arrange access. - Addressee for the Report - For rural properties details such as production, stock numbers and fertiliser applications.
  • How long will it take?
    The time frame will be discussed before accepting the valuation assignment. Some requests are more urgent than others, however we will not compromise on making the necessary investigations to complete the report.
  • What to look for in a valuer?
    The valuer should provide you with a written or verbal scope of work prior to undertaking the inspection, which will detail the fee and estimated time frame for completion. We understand that your property means a huge amount to you. You should feel comfortable phoning or emailing your valuer to gain clarification. The report should detail the main aspects of the property in question such as location, zoning and construction. The evidence used within the report should relate back to the subject property so that the reasons for adjustments are easy to read and understand. Valuation is all about quality of information over quantity.
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