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Leasing Due Diligence

The team at Curnow Tizard are aware that these are scary times for landlords and tenants alike. As such you may be experiencing trepidation when it comes to signing new leases or altering existing arrangements.

In addition to the normal valuation services offered by valuation companies, Curnow Tizard also offer impartial advice and due diligence on lease agreements. We have the knowledge of the market and can talk through the terms and conditions of the lease presented and the implications these have as well as being able to indicate what special concessions (if any) are being offered.

We can also facilitate landlord-tenant discussions, especially surrounding the hot topic of clause 27.5 of the current ADLS Lease regarding access to the property. Even outside of these unprecedented times, it can often be of benefit seeking guidance on leasing agreements in order to secure optimal terms for both parties.

For landlords, research is showing that tenants are appreciative of their landlord reaching out during this time, this feeling of good will could be of benefit in the long run. If your tenant is facing hardship, there are a number of ways to work around this; including rental reductions, rent-free periods and flexible approach to the required workspace.

Likewise, for tenants, it may be of use having a knowledgeable professional involved in discussions.

Curnow Tizard are also available to discuss other requirements, whether you are looking to purchase a property and want advice on which property to purchase or are interested in an impartial eye to look over the leasing arrangements within the property you are looking to purchase.

Getting your leasing arrangements right can be crucial to a long and happy relationship and more often than not it pays to seek professional advice.

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