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Consultancy & Specialist Assignments

Curnow Commercial valuers can provide a wide range of market consultancy advice, tailored to suit each clients needs.

Pre-Auction Advice

We are happy to provide pre-auction discussion to clients looking to purchase property. This can range from accompanying clients during property inspection to assist a client in determining whether or not to bid. 

Development Potential

Looking to maximise your portfolio? Curnow Commercial are able to offer advice on what investments are bringing about the best returns. We can also assess how to best make use of your property. 

Due Diligence

Going one step further, we can assist with the due diligence process.  Assessing the property and its tenant-ability and market value advice. 

Sourcing Property

As part of our valuation services we collect data on all properties listed for sale. If you are in the market for a new investment property and want impartial advice tailored to your needs, we can let you know if anything suitable comes on the market. As impartial advisers you can trust our input. 

Lease Agreements

We are able to offer impartial advice to both Landlords and Tenants who are looking to enter into a new or existing leasing agreement. Advice can be offered on the various terms of negotiation in addition to rental reviews and improvements. 

Relationship Property

Unfortunately relationships can break down. If this is the case Curnow Commercial can be engaged to offer impartial and independent advice through difficult times. 


Phillip Curnow has an established history working through compensation matters. 

Compensation has primarily been in respect of land acquisition under the Public Works Act 1981, for roading and other essential services. If your property is to be acquired, an early discussion with one of our valuers is recommended. The cost of your own independent valuation will likely be part of the compensation package payable by the acquiring authority.

Market Tracking 

Part of our daily routine involves collating data on what properties are being offered to the market for lease and sale. From this we extract data on trends within the market place. All this knowledge is available to you in our blog. 


We know that property owners are often  juggling multiple balls. We are working on our database system to be able to send out reminders as to when your property is due for a rental review or replacement insurance update.  

Its just another way we are working hard to provide additional value to our clients, making life a little easier.

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